November 8, 2017
MARCH​ ​ON​ ​Celebrates virginia victories, Announces​ ​Alabama Campaign

Women​ ​Credited​ ​With​ ​Fueling​ ​Enthusiasm​ ​And​ ​Activism​ ​Around​ ​Victories

This is a big day for the movement of women’s activism that we saw in force last January in the women’s marches that occurred across the country. Victories in Virginia, Georgia, New Hampshire and in other local elections across the country appear to have been fueled in large part by the women of America who became activated in the aftermath of last November’s elections. Into the breach comes a new national organization—March On—which is comprised of many of the women’s march organizations across the country now coming together to push an election-focused agenda at all levels, from national to local. Many of these affiliate march organizations have been organizing ever since January, and will now be a coordinated and potent force impacting elections with a national agenda.

Vanessa Wruble, Executive Director of March On and a co-founder of the Women’s March on Washington, issued this statement:

“In its short time on the scene, March On has had an impact. The tremendous victories in Virginia show the potency of our model in which our national resources are brought to bear in support of our local affiliates to amplify and expand their on-the-ground election efforts. Congrats to Network NoVA for a job incredibly well done and to the amazing slate of victors in last night’s election. The incredibly important work of breaking the grip of gerrymandering on Virginia will now be a reality.

Today, March On announces it is taking the fight to Roy Moore in the Special Election for US Senate in Alabama, where we have already begun organizing with local partners. Our initial efforts in AL center around voter registration and in mobilizing less frequent voters from marginalized communities to get to the polls and vote.

And planning is well-underway for our major nationwide midterm election effort, March On The Polls 2018, where we will use our network of women marchers across the country—our “marchroots”—to win elections at all levels, from local to national.”

Andi Pringle, Executive Director of March On’s Super PAC—March On’s Fight Back PAC—added, “Thanks to contributions from our marchroots supporters across the country, we were able to run a GOTV ad in the closing days of the Virginia election. We will now be reaching out to our network encouraging everyone to add their ‘small money’ donations to our Alabama war chest so we can make the case for why Roy Moore is so far out of step with the mainstream values of Alabama voters.”

Ebony Washington, former Women’s March Alabama State Coordinator and Founder of Indivisible Alabama, said, “We are excited to have the support of March On’s Fight Back PAC. Together, our #FlipAlabama campaign will shift politics in a deeply red state. It’s time to move Alabama forward by activating the power of the Southern progressive movement. With the help of March On’s Fight Back PAC, that important work starts today.