March On’s Statement on the Supreme Court SB8 Ruling

Today’s Supreme Court ruling may be framed as a compromise, but it is one we cannot accept.

We are experiencing a crisis in reproductive rights in America. By delaying to weigh in on SB8 for more than 3 months, the Supreme Court has already done irreparable harm to the people of Texas who in that time needed access to patient-centered care—particularly Black, Latinx and Native Texans, rural Texans and others who already have difficulty accessing abortion. In its wake, states like Florida and Ohio are already moving ahead with copycat bans patterned after the Texas law, while the court has already agreed to take a case next month regarding a plainly unconstitutional 15-week abortion ban in Mississippi.

This Court is out of touch with the vast majority of Americans who seek to protect choice, which is why anti-choice, anti-progress radicals have specifically appealed cases like this in the past four years to overturn decades of precedent and impose minority rule. Asking Americans to forfeit their protected constitutional rights piecemeal is not the solution.

Just as with voting rights, extreme state-level legislators are chipping away at Americans’ rights day by day. We call on the Senate to pass the Women’s Health Protection Act to protect Americans’ reproductive rights and health care providers around the country now.