March On’s Statement on the Failure to Indict Officers in the Murder of Breonna Taylor

We at March On are sick over the failure of a grand jury in Kentucky to indict the police officers who murdered Breonna Taylor after forcing entry into her home where she was sleeping on the night of March 13. While one officer was indicted for “wanton endangerment” of Breonna’s neighbors for firing into the apartment complex, no one will be held accountable for ending Breonna’s young, valuable, meaningful life. While we know from experience that the American legal system fails Black Americans and especially Black women at every turn, the hypocrisy on display in this grand jury decision is nonetheless stunning, nauseating and enraging. This case demonstrates that police accountability remains an illusion and that our institutions will continue to sanction violence against people of color until our justice system can be remade from the ground up. Today, we are saying her name and holding the loved ones of Breonna and the people of Louisville in our hearts as they face another day without the daughter, sister and friend who deserves to be by their side.