March On’s Statement on the Republican Block of the Freedom to Vote Act

Today is another dark day in America. The Freedom to Vote Act—a common-sense approach to protecting free and fair elections, which are the bedrock of democratic government—has been blocked by every Republican in the Senate. To be clear, they did not vote down the bill—they voted down even discussing the bill, which prevents it from ever reaching a vote on the Senate floor.

Think about that: In a building that just months ago experienced a violent and deadly insurrection in its halls, one political party, united in its desire for power at all costs, refused to even discuss the ways we can protect voters and stand against the voter suppression that people died fighting against during the Civil Rights Movement.

The next step is clear: The filibuster must go. It has been used throughout history to block civil rights, and it is being used to that same end today. Every legislator who wields it to retain power should be called out and made to explain their abandonment of the principles of democracy.

We will not stop until voting rights are again protected in America. Call your senators today. There has never been a more urgent moment in our lifetimes, and what we do at this moment will define us as a nation forever.