Sign the petition to Congress: Pass a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United.

The Supreme Court’s decision on Citizens United has created an increase in wealth inequality, where the wealthy have an unlimited influence over our democracy, making democratic participation for everyday Americans of less significant value.

SCOTUS’ decision on Citizens United also gave way to the creation of super PACs. Super PACs work to empower and conceal elite donors through the expansion of dark money groups. There has also been a massive increase in campaign spending by corporate entities and other groups – by nearly 900% from 2008-2016. And even though outside groups cannot legally coordinate campaign spending with candidates or parties, many still do as the FEC has been fruitless in cracking down on candidates and super PACs that work in conjunction.

The last decade has revealed the ever-lasting impact of the Citizens United decision on our democracy, elected officials, and critical policy issues. The Court’s reasoning for the ruling was flawed, and Citizens United has all but certainly caused an increase in corruption and a danger to our democracy. It is time to put the power of elections back in the hands of the people.