Sign the petition: Demand U.S. banks and insurers stop funding fossil fuel expansion

Last year, the International Energy Agency released the world’s most comprehensive study of what is required for the global economy to meet the Paris Agreement goal of keeping global warming below 1.5°C. One of the IEA’s most important findings was that there is “no need for investment in new fossil fuel supply” if we are serious about meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement and mitigating catastrophic climate change.

In other words, in order to slow the rate of species extinction and ecosystem collapse and prevent millions of early deaths, we should not spend a single dollar more expanding the fossil fuel industry.

We are calling on U.S. banks and U.S. insurance companies to immediately end all financial services for any company that is engaged in expanding fossil fuel operations.

The Dakota Access and Line 3 pipelines are just two of many examples of large fossil fuel expansion projects that were forced upon Tribal Nations, First Nations and Indigenous Peoples without consent, threatening communities, waterways, and sacred lands in the process.

For banks and insurance companies to deliver on their support of the goals of the Paris Agreement, they must stop supporting the expansion of such a toxic industry.

Tell U.S. banks and insurers to stop funding fossil fuel expansion NOW!