March On’s Statement on the Second Impeachment of Donald Trump

Last week, Donald Trump became the first president in history to spark an insurrection against his own country and today, Donald Trump became the first president in history to be impeached twice. We call on the Senate to move as quickly as possible to put country above party, right above wrong, and hold him accountable by voting to convict him for his crime against America.

While we urge the Senate to convene an emergency session and conduct the trial as quickly as possible, we must all understand that the danger does not diminish when Donald Trump leaves office. The forces he has unleashed and fomented are threatening to continue their dangerous attacks, and his loyalists and enablers—who continue to throw gasoline on the flames with their lies about the election—remain committed to the dismantling of democracy and the pursuit of power at all costs. Unless our government makes it clear that this sedition will not stand, it will not stop.