MARCH ON Executive Director Vanessa Wruble Statement on Roy Moore

“The women of America are watching.”

“Historically women have not been believed, and often they have been vilified, when they have the courage to come out publicly about their experiences of sexual predations. Given the number of women who have now come forward with the same basic allegations against Roy Moore, it is painfully clear that he must step aside. Not too long ago, the Republican leadership largely gave Donald Trump a pass for equally abhorrent behavior toward women. I hope they don’t make the same cowardly mistake with Roy Moore. Our daughters and sons must not grow up in a country where behavior like this is condoned in order to win political races. Enough is enough. Going forward, not only will we keep a close eye on Roy Moore’s response to this situation, but we will keep a close eye on how those in a position of power around him react.

The Republican leadership should be advised: the women of America are watching.”