March On’s Statement: On Election Day, Count Every Vote

Over the last several weeks, Americans have turned out in record numbers to vote for the future of America. Young people and people of color, in particular, have set a new precedent for turnout and have voted for fairness, justice and unity. There is no question that as their ballots are tallied, we will begin to see the will of the American people take shape.

There is no winner until the votes are counted, without interference. But interference is the only tactic the Trump administration has right now because it knows—after failing to control a deadly pandemic that is rising by 100,000 cases each day, after openly fomenting racism and hatred for years, after stranding millions of Americans who are out of work and struggling, after already trying to throw out ballots and engaging in the most blatant voter suppression in decades—that a catastrophic administration such as this cannot possibly be reelected when all of the votes are accurately counted.

We have been preparing for this moment, and millions of Americans stand at the ready tonight to activate our resources—both legal and civic—should the Trump administration or any anti-democratic forces attempt to stop the counting of votes, disenfranchise Americans whose ballots have already been cast, turn away those waiting in lines, or turn to the courts to steal an election they can only lose at the ballot box. We will not rest until the democratic process has chosen a winner and we are ready to defend in the streets and in the courts the democracy that we are fighting for.