March On’s Statement Regarding Recent Press About Anti-Semitism In The Movement

The women’s march movement has always been decentralized. It is organized and led by many amazing, diverse women in towns and cities across the United States. Many of these marches have joined together in a coalition called MARCH ON where much of the ongoing political work is taking place. MARCH ON is not affiliated with Women’s March, Inc., which is led by some of the women who led the march in DC. MARCH ON’s views and values are crowd-sourced by our members who hail from different backgrounds and all walks of life. As such we are inclusive of all people and united by our commitment to progress for all.

No universe exists in which it is acceptable to support an antisemite. MARCH ON condemns bigotry in all its forms — we are not associated in any way with Farrakhan and reject his anti-Semitic and anti-LGBTQ views. Our work is to fight against social and racial injustice everywhere, no matter its source.