March On’s Statement Regarding The Horrific Tragedy At Tree Of Life Synagogue In Pittsburgh

Today our hearts ache with members of the Tree of Life synagogue and the Greater Pittsburgh Jewish community. We mourn for those lost and those affected by this horrific crime.

As witnesses to another mass shooting fueled by hate, we refuse to stand idly by. Hate crimes have increased by 12% in the last year. Bigotry is becoming more overt and mainstream. And still, 96 people die every day in our country from gun violence as our leaders refuse to take action.

But there are solutions. We should not have to live in fear because of our religion or our race, because we go to school or live in a specific neighborhood. We must gather our communities around us with love, acceptance, and purpose — and we must ensure that the leaders of tomorrow will make the right decisions for the safety of us all.

We must vote. And we must vote for leaders who value the life of every single American.

There has never been such a clear choice. There are no bystanders here.