March On is teaming up with Swing Left to make sure we take their power away this November.  

They really did it.

Even after Dr. Ford’s compelling testimony, all of the outrage from reasonable people and legal minds across the country, and even his former classmates saying he lied to Congress about his past behavior, the Senate has confirmed Brett Kavanaugh.

It’s more than OK to be angry right now. It’s more than OK to scream and cry and throw your phone against the wall.

But if you also want to help change things in a real and lasting way, here’s what we’re doing:

MARCH ON is teaming up with Swing Left to make sure we take their power away this November.  

We’re working together to have the biggest impact we can on the midterm elections, and it starts the same way we got this movement started: we’re going to March On The Polls in cities across the country.

So, if you’re as angry as we are right now, sign up to join millions in marching to the polls to vote these dirtbags out of office.

This partnership is a game-changer.

There’s already an unprecedented amount of energy out there—and Swing Left has been at the forefront of turning that into volunteer hours and donations to take back the House. Now, we’re working together to mobilize the millions who marched last year and the millions who are filled with rage right now in order to build an unstoppable army that will take back our government in November.

Let’s be real: This election is already powered by women. An unprecedented number of women are running for Congress. In fact, about half of the candidates in Swing Left’s 84 swing districts are women (as are two-thirds of Swing Left’s volunteers).

Together, we’ll capitalize on this momentum—because the resistance isn’t just about showing up. It’s about taking action.

You need to be part of this— say you’ll join us at a March On The Polls event near you.

This is just the beginning. With Swing Left, we’re going to make sure we have plenty of ways to make an impact in this election. A lot more to come on that front.

For now, it’s time to persist.

Vanessa Wruble, Executive Director, MARCH ON