Executive Director Vanessa Wruble: March On is not Women’s March Inc.

With renewed inquiries regarding anti semitism within the women’s march movement, MARCH ON wanted to clarify the relationship between MARCH ON and Women’s March, Inc. and clear up any misperceptions. MARCH ON Executive Director Vanessa Wruble, and a co-founder of the Women’s March On Washington, issued the following statement:

“MARCH ON and Women’s March, Inc. are separate organizations, with different leadership, affiliations, and approach to decision-making. While Women’s March, Inc. is one organization led by some of the women who helped run the 2017 Women’s March On Washington, MARCH ON is a grassroots coalition made up of the many organizers and groups responsible for hundreds of women’s marches across the country in both 2017 and 2018, including leadership from the 2017 D.C. march.”

“MARCH ON focuses on fulfilling the political promise of the Women’s March by engaging women in the electoral process. We work toward making our government more representative of its people and achieving progress for all. The successes of the midterm election last week represent two years of hard work at the grassroots level by women and allies from all walks of life.”

“Our work will continue beyond last week’s election, which was a major milestone for women’s political power. As a coalition, we will be organizing hundreds of rallies nationwide in January, with the exception of the march that will take place in Washington, D.C this year.”

“MARCH ON ultimately believes the women’s march movement has always been decentralized. That’s why our views and values are crowd-sourced by our diverse members from across the United States. As such we are inclusive of all people and believe no universe exists in which it is acceptable to support anti-Semitism, racism or bigotry against LGBT people. MARCH ON condemns bigotry in all forms and welcomes anyone committed to this mission to join us.”