End Gerrymandering: Stop letting partisan politicians silence voters

Right now, voting rights groups are suing to overturn Texas’ heinously gerrymandered new maps. These districts were drawn by the state’s Republican-led legislature — and if enacted, they would silence Latinx, Black, and AAPI communities and deny them the resources they need to thrive.

These maps may or may not hold up in court, but the truth is: we never should have gotten here in the first place. We know that when power-hungry politicians can hand-pick their voters, they prioritize protecting their own jobs — not communities’ needs.

And Texas is hardly alone. This year, lawmakers in Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, Illinois, and many other states have proposed outrageously gerrymandered maps.

Redistricting is supposed to be about making sure everyone has a voice. But partisan politicians are shamefully abusing the process and making it a tool to take over our democracy.

Their dirty political tricks have real-life consequences. Unfair maps like those proposed in Texas deny voters a meaningful say in our democracy — and keep people from getting the representation and resources they deserve.

If Congress doesn’t respond, the same extremists behind today’s wave of vote-suppressing state laws will keep taking map-rigging to new levels. Thanks to advancements in technology, they’re now able to draw maps that silence voters — especially Black and Brown voters — with surgical precision.

Congress needs to pass legislation that includes proven solutions to end partisan gerrymandering once and for all. But Mitch McConnell — who cares more about protecting his own power than strengthening our democracy — has repeatedly abused the filibuster to block key voting rights bills in the Senate, like the Freedom to Vote: John R. Lewis Act.

If you agree that the Senate must do whatever it takes to end gerrymandering — including abolishing the anti-democracy filibuster — add your name today.

This action is sponsored by Common Cause and March On.