March On’s Statement on the Election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

In a resounding chorus of voices, the most diverse coalition of voters in American history has joined hands to elect Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris. We have voted, in record numbers, for fairness, justice and unity over corruption and division—and we have won. Kamala Harris, a Black woman, is ascending to the White House 100 years after women won the right to vote and 55 years after the Voting Rights Act gave Black Americans the right to vote. We have reclaimed our democracy, and this is a moment of triumph for our nation.

We have prepared tirelessly for this day, driven by hope, love for our fellow Americans, relentless hard work in places like Georgia, and the unwavering belief that the American experiment must not fail. Women, people of color, young people and LGBTQ+ people are not the minority in America—we are the vocal majority, and we have shown tonight what happens when we harness our collective power and aim it toward principled common goals. We are overjoyed, grateful and hopeful about the future.

But we remain vigilant. As we have seen from the desperate attempts by the Trump team to file lawsuits and stop the counting of ballots, we know that those who cling to power in the fist of corruption only tighten their grip when they are rejected. We are ready and will not let these attempts keep us from moving forward.

We also know that whatever happens between now and January 20, that date is not the end; it is a step in our endless march to create an America that is equal to its promise. For those on the side of justice, winning this election is just the beginning. The next step is taking our fight to Georgia and ensuring that the will of the people is heard when we elect Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff to the Senate so that our federal government is ready to move forward, united, on the issues that we so desperately need to address.

Our country has stepped back from the brink, and we will never forget how easily corruption, hatred and lies can be used to drive wedges between us and into the foundation of democracy itself. Together, we must vow to denounce the horrors of the last four years and right the wrongs that we can, carrying with us the lesson that democracy—strong but not unbreakable—needs every diverse voice if it is to survive.

But for this moment, we celebrate.