November 16, 2017
March On’s Fight Back PAC announced its major fundraising campaign for the 2018 elections

Today, March On’s Fight Back PAC announced its major fundraising campaign for the 2018 elections. Called $24 for 24, the campaign is centered around impeachment and the concern that the Republican Congress would not initiate impeachment proceedings no matter what Special Counsel Robert Mueller reports. The only way we can be sure any potential allegations against Donald Trump and his cronies are handled correctly is to flip the 24 Congressional seats needed to take back the majority in Congress. With Democrats in charge, impeachment proceedings can move forward. As a fun holiday kick-off to the $24 for 24 campaign, March On’s Fight Back PAC is also unveiling its Impeach Boutique and the “Gift of Impeachment”–a more meaningful holiday present this year.

Andi Pringle, Executive Director of March On’s Fight Back PAC, said, “Flipping Congress is no easy task. Whether you’re a committed activist or not, $24 for 24 is a way everyone can participate in the vitally important work of reclaiming our country from the extreme Right. That is the only way we’ll be able to turn the tide on issues of importance to our community, whether that’s women’s reproductive health, climate change protections or impeachment.”

Regarding the “Gift of Impeachment” campaign, Vanessa Wruble, Executive Director of March On, explained, “In the progressive community, impeachment tops everyone’s wish list for Santa this year, which is why we are offering this fun twist on holiday giving.” By giving the “Gift of Impeachment,” a Christmas card in the donor’s name will be hand-delivered to Donald Trump at the White House and Trump Tower by March On’s band of Christmas carolers–The Growing Chorus of Impeachment. And as a special gift, donors of $100 or more will receive the most awesomely ugly IMPEACH Christmas sweater. Best of all, the ‘Gift of Impeachment’ is perfect for friends and family who would eagerly take impeachment over a fruitcake or a pair of gloves. Anyone who donates as part of the $24 for 24 program gets the “Gift of Impeachment”, and is encouraged to get all like-minded friends and family members to also give the “Gift of Impeachment.” In New York, the Resistance Revival Chorus will lead the Growing Chorus of Impeachment in the holiday revelry.

Images of the sweater and Christmas card are below.



March On’s Fight Back PAC is the Super PAC of the people. Just about every special interest from the Koch Brothers to Big Energy has a Super PAC to wield political power. Now, through March On’s Fight Back PAC, the people will have their own Super PAC and be their own “special interest.” Collectively, we know that small dollar donations can really add up — witness the $100M+ campaign coffers of Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, which were fueled in large measure by small donations. In this way, “Small Money” in politics can be just as powerful as special interest “Big Money.” Fight Back PAC is asking its supporters to come together to save our country by committing their collective financial muscle to flipping Congress and statehouses across the country. In return, the major decisions about candidates that will be supported or opposed will be made by the March On community.

March On is a new political organization made up of many of the women’s marches that took place on January 21, 2017. They have come together as a united force to take concrete, coordinated actions at the federal, state, and local levels to impact elections and take our country in a better direction. March On participated in the Virginia elections and is currently working in the Special Election in Alabama through affiliates and strategic partner organizations. Women-led, but open to all, March On is putting its “marchroots” community at the center of major decisions, using cutting edge civic technology platforms to forge consensus and crowdsource the types of candidates to support or oppose and which issues to prioritize.