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Pass the Equal Rights Amendment

The Equal Rights Amendment was first introduced in 1923. It was passed by Congress in 1972. And it was ratified by the required 38 states in 2020. And yet, in 2023, the Equal Rights Amendment has still not been added to the Constitution. Extremist Republicans are laser-focused on blocking this widely-supported amendment from becoming the law of the land. So please take two minutes right now to send an email to your Senators demanding they support the Equal Rights Amendment and finally add it to the Constitution.
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Email Your Senators: End the Electoral College

Twice in the past two decades, the Electoral College has overruled the result of the national popular vote in highly consequential presidential elections. And in both cases, Republican candidates claimed victory over Democrats who gained the support of a majority of Americans. Now, to ensure that all Americans’ votes are counted in our national elections, Congress must do away with the Electoral College and move to a national popular vote. So please take two minutes right now to send an email to your Senators demanding they support measures to end the Electoral College and use the national popular vote for…
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Email Your Senators: Pass the Green New Deal

Ed Markey and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just reintroduced the Green New Deal into Congress! The climate crisis is a national and global emergency, and we cannot afford to wait any longer to take bold, progressive action. So we need your help in commanding your Senators to pass the Green New Deal. The Green New Deal would: – Transition the U.S. to 100% renewable energy and achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions – Create millions of new jobs in clean energy – Ensure justice for communities on the front lines of the climate crisis – Invest in public transportation, modern infrastructure, conservation, and…
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Call Your Representative: Pass the Freedom to Vote Act!

Congress will soon reintroduce the Freedom to Vote Act – and we need every single pro-voting rights candidate to support it! This historic act would protect the right to vote, end partisan gerrymandering, combat election subversion, decrease the power of big moneyed special interests, and protect voters from future attacks on our freedom to vote. If we are ever going to see progress on the issues we care about, we must have a democracy that responds to the needs and priorities of voters – not wealthy donors and corporate interests. So please take 2 minutes to call your Representative today…
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Tell Walgreens to provide abortion pills

Walgreens just announced that they will NOT provide abortion pills in 20 states – including states where abortion is currently legal. Far-right Republicans are threatening drug stores like Walgreens with legal action if they continue to sell abortion medications – but we won’t stand for it. So please take two minutes to send an email to Walgreens executives and demand that they stand up to the GOP by providing abortion pills where they’re legal!
Healthcare, Reproductive Rights, Women's Rights, Youth

Email Ron DeSantis: End Book Bans!

Ultra-restrictive book bans are sweeping the nation as extremist Republicans try to control what our children read, learn, and think. Now, far-right Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is leading Republican-led states to ban even more books from schools and libraries – and even threaten our teachers and librarians with criminal charges. We cannot let tyrannical Republicans like DeSantis control our children’s education! So please take two minutes to send an email to your Governor DeSantis and demand that he immediately end restrictive book bans and restore our children’s freedom to read.
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Email Your Senators: Pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act

In 2013, the Supreme Court struck down a key provision of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, opening the door to voter suppression laws. And now, the Supreme Court’s conservative majority is poised to attack voting rights again. But Democrats in Congress have the power to SAVE voting rights before the Supreme Court acts – by passing the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act! Please email your Senators now and urge them to pass this historic act to protect voting rights.
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Email your Representative: Investigate Ticketmaster-Live Nation

We’ve got bad blood with Ticketmaster after it mishandled Taylor Swift’s ticket sales – fans waited in virtual queues for up to six hours and were left with sweet nothing. But that’s not all. Ticketmaster is also under investigation by the Department of Justice for potential violations of antitrust law (we have one word – karma). Since Ticketmaster and Live Nation merged in 2010, they’ve acted as an unchecked monopoly and abused their power by charging outrageous service fees on ticket prices and taking little action to prevent bots from buying up tickets to resell at sky-high prices. And Taylor…
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Email Your Senator: Expand the Supreme Court

The far-right majority on the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade earlier this year, taking away abortion rights from tens of millions of Americans. Now, these conservative Justices could go even further by attacking the very pillars of our democracy – including voting rights and our federal election standards. With the current makeup of the court, our rights will constantly be under threat from this group of five conservative Justices. That’s why our Democratic Senate must take action to expand the Supreme Court and end the oppressive reign of far-right Justices.
Elections, Reproductive Rights, Send an Email, Supreme Court, Voting Rights, Women's Rights

Email Your Senators: Codify Roe v. Wade

Anti-choice Republicans are resorting to extreme measures to pass their far-right agenda, including enacting a federal abortion ban. We need pro-choice Senators to codify abortion access into federal law NOW and protect our essential reproductive rights from anti-abortion attacks. So please take two minutes to send an email to your Senators to demand that they codify Roe v. Wade immediately.
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