March On’s Statement on the 2021 Georgia Runoff Election

Tonight after polling stations close, only then will ballot counters in Georgia begin tabulating the 3+ million ballots that arrived prior to Election Day. Just as on November 3, we are likely to close out this night in the midst of a “red mirage.” But that mirage will tell only a small part of the story — and as we learned in November, that story isn’t written until all voters in Georgia have been heard, no matter how long it takes to count their votes.

In the months leading up to the general election and in the 63 days since, we have seen extraordinary enthusiasm for the power of the democratic process on the ground in Georgia. We have witnessed young people and communities of color show up for the future not just of their state but for the future of the entire nation, fully understanding the significance of their actions in this moment. Organizers have worked tirelessly to reach voters safely, to combat lies, disinformation and voter suppression, and to generate the highest early turnout in the state’s runoff history. Even as elected officials in our country work to upend our democracy, Georgia has inspired us with its resilience and optimism. It will serve as a model for organizers throughout the country to follow in the years to come as we collectively push America toward the realization of its promise.

Thank you to every voter, every organizer and every poll worker who gave their all. You are the beating heart of this democracy.